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Copenhagen Fablab

About Copenhagen Fablab

Copenhagen Fablab is an open access, shared and user-driven tool workshop for citizens wanting to experiment with personal digital fabrication techniques and prototyping. We have a number of machines and tools for digital and analogue productions within e.g. wood, metal and textile.

It is free to use our workshop facilities, and does not require membership, as long as you follow these four rules:

  • No commercial production
  • Leave the Fablab cleaner than it was before
  • Share your projects and knowledge with other users
  • Help others - and help us maintain the tools and equipment

What is a Fablab

Fablab is short for Fabrication Laboratory, and is a global network of local maker workshops that enable inventions by providing access to tools for digital and analog manufacturing. 

Copenhagen Fablab follows the international Fablab Charter, which you can find here. 

Part of the philosophy behind Fablab is not only to provide individuals with access to workshop facilities, but also to provide access to knowledge and training in digital and analogue manufacturing techniques. That is why we see knowledge sharing as our most valuable currency.


Visit Copenhagen Fablab at one of our locations